Speaker & Megaphone
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✔️ Original
✔️ 360° Sound & BassUp Mode
✔️ Beat-Driven Light Show
✔️ Wireless Stereo Pairing
✔️ IPX7 Waterproof
✔️ 30 days Warranty provided 
✔️ 48 Hours Cash Back Guarantee 
✔️  1-to-1 Exchange Policy 


-> A multifunctional music player with Bluetooth function
-> LED display, supports FM radio, TF card read and play, recording, hands-free calls.
-> Impress you  with a lot of fun and convenience.

  • Unique Colorful in shape and appearance, Light weight design. Material: Imported ABS and UV Technology
  • Rechargeable and replaceable 1200 mAh lithium 18650 battery. Standby time can lasts 18~22 hours, more than 12 hours of continuous use after a full charge
  • Professionally amplifying sound, loud, clear, low feedback. Comfortable and convenient for Teachers, Coaches, Tour Guides, Presentations ect.
  • Compatible with all media devices with 3.5mm AUX port as SPEAKER ; support TF Card (Not more than 32GB) MUSIC PLAYER, can directly play MP3,WMA,WAV format audio. FM stereo RADIO, auto-search and save radio stations. Additional 1200 mAh POWERBANK function

* Small in Size, Ultra Light Weight but Powerful Loud Speaker

New model, more stylist design.

Voice Amplifier with Superb Clear Sound

Reacheable target area up to 500Sqm.

FM Radio / MP3 Speaker / Powerbank

Suitable for Tour Guides,Teachers, Trainer, Instructor, Promoter, Group Talk, Event Organiser, Outdoor & Indoor Activities etc


- Exquisite & Light Weight Design.
- Professionally amplifying sound, loud, clear, low feedback.
- Great for Teachers, Coaches, Tour Guides, Presentations ect.
- Bluetooth connectable to smartphone or laptop to play music
- Bluetooth wireless Camera (Shutter)
- High performance magnetic speaker
- Support FM radio
- Support Recording


- Children lock function
- Safer
- Built-In Power Amplifier
- Excellent Sound Quality 
- Emergency Flashlight Function