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  • Tuned by a Grammy Award winning mixer, Luca Bignardi, internationally acclaimed audio engineer and mixer.
  • High quality sound is meaningless without a comfortable fit.
  • The dual in-line remote control is compatible with both iOS and Android.
  • The patented triple layer diaphragm design allows a listener to hear music as the musician originally intended.
  • The kevlar-reinforced, tangle-resistant braided cable wire is strong and durable.

Tuned By A Grammy Winning Sound Engineer-1MORE collaborated with internationally acclaimed sound engineer Luca Bignardi to perfect the final tuning to deliver a precise representation of your favorite artist's intended sound
Android and iOS Compatible MEMS Microphone -in-line microphone compatible with Apple (iPhone/iPad) and Android allows you to take calls without cross-talk or background static

making them a perfect enhancement over the earbuds that came with your smartphone.


Spearhead VR Over-Ear H1005 Headset: The Most Immersive VR Gaming Sound Experience
These headphones are designed to enhance the audio of all video games and entertainment - not just virtual reality games and devices. Enjoy 7.1 surround sound super bass VR shock wave, and customisable LEDs on your PC.


✨100% Brand New 
✨100% High Quality
✨100% Quick l Fast Wireless Charging
✨100% Working Power 10W
✨100% Qi , Smart Protection
✨100% 30 Days Warranty provided 
✨100% Customer Service Support


✔️ Original
✔️ 360° Sound & BassUp Mode
✔️ Beat-Driven Light Show
✔️ Wireless Stereo Pairing
✔️ IPX7 Waterproof
✔️ 30 days Warranty provided 
✔️ 48 Hours Cash Back Guarantee 
✔️  1-to-1 Exchange Policy 


100% Brand New

100% Original l Quality

100% IPS 1080P FHD 170 

100% Wireless Headphones

100% Support 32GB Memory Card

100% Warranty Provided

100% Easy Use & Safety

100% Customer Service Support Provided l Malaysia




* 3-Axis Stabiliser

*Bluetooth Connectivity
*Focus Zoom
*Two-way Charging 



Exclusive design to match your living space.
Free to hang, can also be placed in the outlet.
You can freely add essential oils, enjoy the fragrance you need.


Better Partner To Travel  
Less plug? Waiting To Charge?  
ION QT2PD Quick Charge 

. Safety
. Quick Charge
. Easy Use 
. Best Choice 
. Lifetime Warranty


✨100% Original l Premium Quality
✨100% High-Speed Charging
✨100% Fast Sync & Charge
✨100% Hard and Protective
✨100% Superior Toughness
✨100% 30days Warranty provided 


100% MFI Certified
100% Original l Premium Quality
100% High-Speed Charging
100% Hard and Protective
100% Superior Toughness
100% 30days Warranty provided
100% 1-to-1 Exchange Policy *T&C Apply
100% Customer Service Support


✨100% Brand New 
✨100% Original l Quality
✨100% Bluetooth 5.0
✨100% Wireless Headphones
✨100% Built-in Microphone
✨100% Warranty Provided
✨100% Easy Use & Safety
✨100% Android Phone, Table, iPhone, iPod, iPad Can Use
✨100% Customer Service Support Provided l Malaysia


. Brand New 
 . Original l Quality
. Fast Charging 
. Tough Durable
. Data Transmission Support
. 2.4A Fast & Stable
. 30 Days Warranty provided 
. 48 hours Cash Back Guarantee


Atom 3 in 1 Charging & Synic Cable 
​✨One Cable is Enough✨
✨100% Brand New 
✨100% Original l Quality
✨100% Fast Charging 
✨100% Tough Durable
✨100% Data Transmission Support
✨100% Supports Multi Devices ( Not only for Phone Charging )


- Xiaomi rechargeable Ni-MH Battery 
- Classic black and white design, 4pcs in a box. 
- Great value collection 
- A decent, high-end gift; a carefully and beautifully engraved artwork.


-> A multifunctional music player with Bluetooth function
-> LED display, supports FM radio, TF card read and play, recording, hands-free calls.
-> Impress you  with a lot of fun and convenience.


- Exquisite & Light Weight Design.
- Professionally amplifying sound, loud, clear, low feedback.
- Great for Teachers, Coaches, Tour Guides, Presentations ect.
- Bluetooth connectable to smartphone or laptop to play music
- Bluetooth wireless Camera (Shutter)
- High performance magnetic speaker
- Support FM radio
- Support Recording


- Children lock function
- Safer
- Built-In Power Amplifier
- Excellent Sound Quality 
- Emergency Flashlight Function


Why Gameboy powerbank?
- 1 item solve 2 problem
- Safe & Easy carry,
Able Charging phone while playing game
- 188 games 
- 4000mAh Powerbank

Gameboy powerbank is your best choice. 
2 language support English & Chinese 


Stable output enjoy 3D visual effects and enjoy private cinema.
. Audio and Video Synchronization
. 4K HD - 3D visual effect 
. PC
. Game console 
. TV set 
. Monitor
. Projecto



LS11 digital 3.5 audio converter for Apple Lightning interface charging current 2A while listening to music no microphone and remote control support.

- Support Charging

- Support listening 

- Easy carry

- Easy use

- Safety


LS12 dual Lightning digital audio converter for Apple original headset microphone and remote control support 2A charging while listening to music.

- Support Charging
- Support listening 
- Easy carry
- Easy use
- Safety


2 in 1 for Type-C Device adapter digital audio converter 

- Support Charging
- Support listening 
- Easy carry
- Easy use
- Safety


LS15 dual Lightning digital audio converter 
Microphone and remote control support with original Lightning connector.

- Support Charging
- Support listening 
- Easy carry
- Easy use
- Safety


2 in 1 Digital audio converter 
Charging and earphone can work at the same time.
- Support Charging
- Support listening
- Easy carry
- Easy use
- Safety



Can be used to project the contents of the iphone/ ipad (lightning interface)
to the external large screen device, such as HD display, smart TV, projector, etc.
5V USB can  synchronize outpu:
- 1080P resolution output
- Imges / Documents
- Games / Audio / Video


✨100%  Mate20 does not affect Fingerprint Function 
✨100% Quality l Safe
✨100% Suitable to Mate 20 / 20 Pro User
✨100% Charging Phone Without Cable
✨ Shockproof Protect
✨ Camera Protrusion Protection
✨100% Warranty Provided
✨100% 1-to-1 exchange policy 
✨100% Malaysia Customer Service Provided


Strong Recommerce to XiaoMi Mi Mix 3 User
✨100% Brand New 
✨100% High Quality
✨100% 5000mAh Capacity
✨100% Safety Quality Certification
✨100% 1 Month Warranty provided 
✨100% 1-to-1 Exchange Policy *T&C Apply
✨100% Customer Service Support


Recommend to Officer / College / Meeting / Family gathering use

✨100% Compatible to iPhone Gadgets
✨100% Plug-and-Play , No need to set-up
✨100% Charges Phone at the same time
✨100% Mirrors Phone to TV Screen
✨100% Good for playing games or watching videos
✨100% Brand New l Original
✨100% Hight Quality